Master classes of Natalia Sokolova.
Sports biomechanics and analysis of technique in RG

Slovenia. Izola. 23-29 june 2018

Master classes of Natalia Sokolova

We invite gymnasts and trainers to the first in Slovenia master classes under the guidance of coach and teacher Natalia Sokolova. For the first time in Slovenia for gymnasts will be shown exercises on the balance of the body, strength, speed and coordination using special items patented by Natalia Sokolova. For seven days of training with her help, gymnasts will solve problems with balance, learn a high jump and a clear rotation. Her knowledge and experience will solve the technical problems that most gymnasts have.

Natalia Sokolova is not only a teacher-choreographer, but also an expert in sports biomechanics. The program of trainings on the author's technique of Natalia includes a complex of physical training and elements of acrobatics, work with objects, testing and analysis of elements, working out programs, as well as classical choreography and dance.

Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova

Natalia Sokolova – first expert-choreographer in sports biomechanics and analysis of technique in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Natalia’s technique applies the classical methods  of Vaganova and high computer technologies.

Natalia graduated from the Karelian Choreography School, the St. Petersburg University of Culture and the Arts, by specialty as a classical dance teacher and choreographer. As a perspective student was sent to advance training on the specialty of higher category in the St. Petersburg College of Culture, Volgograd University of Culture, as well as in the Academy of Russian Ballet of Vaganova.
Coordinator of sports and art schools, author of a personal technique and writer the «Physical preparation of children with the means of choreography and Pilates" book.
The program "Physical preparation of children with the means of choreography and Pilates" was recommended by the best teachers of the Bolshoi Theater, as well as got a personal recommendation of the head of the choreographic department of the Moscow Academy of Choreography Eroshenko Filipp. Also the program is approved by the specialists of the Bolshoi Theater, the Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.
Among the sportsmen who are trained according to the Sokolova's methodology are 4-time Swiss champion Darya Antipova, top athletes from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe, Middle East, USA and UK, candidates and master of sports who successfully compete in professional competitions and championships, as well as students of professional sports universities in Russia (Moscow State Choreography Academy and Igor State Ensemble I. Moiseyev).
Natalia develops individual programs for each master class, which are considered unique. In a short time children have visible results, technique improvement and show growth in the performance of artistic elements.
Natalia cooperates and conducts a joint project with the main choreographers of Moscow city with the support of the Academy of I.A. Viner-Usmanova, as well as holds online webinars, master classes, and training camps.


Accommodation of athletes is available at will. Accommodation in triple rooms with full board in the hostel in the town of Isola, 250 meters from the beach of Svetilnik. The cost of accommodation with meals 32 euros per day per one person. Accommodation is booked for 8 nights, on June 22 check in, on June 30 check out.



The training program is tailored to the age groups and the level of participants' preparedness.

All participants will be able to consolidate and improve existing knowledge at one-week professional training and achieve new visible results.

The trainers who will be trained in professional training with Natalya Sokolova will have the opportunity to master both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of biomechanics and technique analysis. The recommended age of the participants is 8-12 years.

The 6-hour daily program, led by Natalia Sokolova, includes:

  1. heating, stretching, exercises for strength and stability;
  2. exercises for coordination, speed, logic and motility using three apparatuses at the same time;
  3. acrobatics, jumps and establishments;
  4. ballet choreography;
  5. dance and expression;
  6. analysis of elements according to the method of biomechanics;
  7. analysis, design and optimization of competitions performance;
  8. professional advice to trainers and gymnasts to increase motivation and achieve top-nouch results.

Individual gymnasts can ask for some individual training in agree with Natalia Sokolova.

The technical analysis of elements and  competitions performance using computer technologies is carried out as desired and is paid additionally.


The schedule can still be changed. We suggest that you subscribe to the updates or the channel in the Telegram to be always aware of the changes.

8:30 - 12:00

The main part of the training

Trainer: Natalia Sokolova
Location: School in Livade
Analysis of problems with balance and leap. Working out of the rotation technique. Complex exercises on the basis of classical ballet. Learning for logic, speed and coordination. Work with four subjects and tennis balls.
12:00 - 15:30

Lunch, walk, rest

15:30 - 18:00

The second part of the training



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